Testimony by Mr. Thomas Kruger

Mr. Thomas Kruger

It was a great experience and also a pleasure, to work here with Sapphire real estate agency in Malta.

One of the most interesting things for me, was to see the differences to the work in Germany, to have a comparison and to see news to do the work, allowed me to improve myself. It was also nice to see how helpful everybody is. Everything is based on teamwork and I think the key to make good business is to work hand in hand.

As their slogan says, Large enough to serve…Small enough to care….. an this is how it has to be!

Sapphire Real Estate has a large selection of properties and influence in the market. They are always up to date, whether the property is residential, commercial, for sale or for letting. They do the very best to find the right property for each client and take care of the client with and efficient and friendly service. as long as the clients are pleased, they will everything that is necessary. This sets a good example for more companies to follow.

Personally, I appreciate the way they took care of me and showed me as much as they could do in fours weeks. They made it very easy for me to feel one part of the team from the first day.

I was part of the teams from the first day because of the great working atmosphere. One of my first tasks was to care of the email services for the clients, searching for a suitable property and calling owners for available property and to bring the computer program up to date. The next thing was to do the advertisement, creating expose to put them outside the office to be visible for the interested clients.

Sapphire Real Estate is a great company with personal and professional service and I would come back anytime.

(German Student)

Testimony by Mr. Anh Vu Tran & Mr. Kai Kubasiak

Mr. Anh Vu Tran & Mr. Kai Kubasiak

Working for Sapphire Real Estate was a pleasure, everybody was kind and friendly to us. We enjoyed the time and were able to see and learn how the property business works on Malta. It was interesting to see the differences in comparison with the work in Germany. We also see a few apartments and penthouses which are really nice with a beautiful view.

What we did here was to improve our English skill by talking to colleagues, clients and some representatives from other companies. We also worked on the computer system to put new property or make some amendment. We also made some new expose. Sapphire real estate also gave us the possibility and time to see Malta, especially Valletta, therefore, we wrote down some property which were for sale for Sapphire.

Because of our knowledge from Germany we could give some suggestions how the business can be improved as we saw that some apartments got the potential to be sold to the Germans and we were open for a cooperation with our office in Germany to get some new clients.

It was a great time for us and we hope to stay in contact for future business. We wish you all the best and thank you for your care!

Best Regards,

Anh Vu Tran & Kai Kubasiak.

German Students

Testimony by Ms Cathleen Stoll

Ms Cathleen Stoll

I enjoy my time here in Malta very much and especially in your company. I like to have a familiar atmosphere at work and all colleagues are very friendly and ready to help me if I have a question or any other problem. I also like the conversations in our lunchtime and during the whole day, because I learn so many typical manners of Malta – the island, the culture, and also the people who live here. There are many things I was interested in and whilst talking about it, I could learn a lot. I also love the possibility to try some sort of typical Maltese food. But the main thing for me was to have a look in a completely different company and the structure of the real estate market here in Malta. I like to see many beautiful big houses with their own character and wonderful views over the landscape or the ocean, and everything was furnished. That was so fascinating. I learned about the prices here in Malta and how to negotiate and to deal with different clients and all the things about letting or selling properties because I called many owners and spoke to them about their properties. Besides I could improve my English so that I feel more confident to speak English also to unknown persons.

I want to say a very very big thank you to everyone in the company. I hope I can come back to Malta one time and then I will visit you.


Cathleen Stoll (German Trainee from 28/04/2010 till 20/05/2010)

Testimony by Mr Christoph Krueger

Mr. Christoph Krueger

First of all, I think the time in Malta was very beautiful, the work and the free time.

All people from Malta are very nice. They are very relaxed at work and in their free time. In Germany, it isn’t the same. I love the ocean and the weather in Malta. I think Malta is another way of life than in Germany. I would like to bring the relaxing feeling with me to Germany, and my English is much better than before.

I think the time in Malta was too short to say I would like to live in Malta.

I have seen many different types of houses for example Farmhouses, Villas, or Houses of Character and flats like apartments, penthouses, maisonettes and so on. It impressed me very much because here in Malta, there are no central heating and insulation and all the flats are fully furnished. In Germany, it is completely different however the rent must pay per square metre.

In Malta, you pay for the location and the equipment. I think these are the important points for the apartment and house hunting. The sale and rent prices are lower than in Germany. I think the reason is that people in Malta have not so much income.

I like the working atmosphere here in Malta so much because it is very familiar in contrast to my company in Germany. In my company, all colleagues are very strained. The working is absolutely different.

I am not a great writer and I can’t reveal all my feelings. I will be back in the future, maybe for holidays or more.

It was a very nice time! Thank you for all!!!

Christoph Krueger (German Trainee from 28/04/2010 till 20/05/2010)

Testimony by Ms Isabel Hoehne

Ms. Isabel Hoehne

At first, I have to say that I was not happy that the location of the company is far away from my home in Gzira because I had to go by bus for half an hour. But all the people in the company are so nice and friendly, so it becomes a very good time.

The greatest thing was that we could see a lot of different kinds of houses and flats. Mainly for me, it was so great because my company in Germany does not have so beautiful and different properties.

In the last weeks, I also learned a lot about properties in Malta. How the prices of properties arise and compose. How I have to negotiate. How the process is to sale or lets properties. I was taught what the difference between short and long lease agreements is. They taught me the names and the features of the kind of flats and houses because they are different from German types.

My main tasks were:

  1. Choose different flats and houses.
  2. Write down information about it.
  3. Edit pictures.
  4. Calling owners if they have properties for sale or to let and writing the description.
  5. Calling owners if the properties for let or sale are still available and if they changed the prices.
  6. Displaying adverts on the front window.

Taking pictures of properties and writing some information down.

The colleagues showed us a lot of diverse things of Malta, so we could learn a lot about the country and manners. Therefore every day was an interesting day.

All in all, I think I could improve my English a little bit because I learned a lot of vocabulary and it is easier for me to speak English. You only speak and do not think about it too much and of course, I learned a little bit of Maltese.

I will recommend the company at any rate and I will come back when I visit Malta again.

Isabel Hoehne (German Trainee from 28/04/2010 till 20/05/2010)

Testimony by Mrs Glendinning

Mrs. Glendinning

I found Sapphire Real Estate dealt with in a Professional but friendly manner. I gave them a menu of my entire requirement for my new apartment and they ticked all the boxes. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Mrs Glendinning from Mellieha
(Lincolnshire UK)