Testimony by Ms Isabel Hoehne

At first I have to say that I was not happy that the location of the company is far away from my home in Gzira because I had to go by bus half an hour. But all the people of the company are so nice and friendly, so it becomes a very good time.

The greatest thing was that we could see a lot of different kinds of houses and flats. Mainly for me it was so great, because my company in Germany does not have so beautiful and different properties.

In the last weeks I also learned a lot about properties in Malta. How the prices of properties arise and compose. How I have to negotiate. How the process is to sale or let properties. I was taught what the difference of short and lon lease agreements is. They taught me the names and the features of the kind of flats and houses, because they are different to German types.

My main tasks were:

1. Choose different flats and houses.

2. Write down information about it.

3. Edit pictures.

4. Calling owners if they have properties for sale or to let and writing the description.

5. Calling owners if the properties for let or sale are still available and if they changed the prices.

6. Displaying adverts on front window.

Taking pictures of properties and writing some information down.

The colleagues showed us a lot of diverse things of Malta, so we could learn a lot about the country and manners. Therefore everyday was an interesting day.

All in all, I think I could improve my English a little bit, because I learned a lot of vocabulary and it is easier for me to speak English. You only speak and do not think about it too much and of course I learned a little bit of Maltese.

I will reccomend the company at any rate and I will come back when I visit Malta again.

Isabel Hoehne ( German Trainee from 28/04/2010 till 20/05/2010 )