Testimony by Mr Christoph Krueger

First of all I think the time in Malta was very beautiful, the work and the free time.

All people from Malta are very nice. They are very relaxed at work and in their free time. In germany it isn’t the same. I love the ocean and the weather in Malta. I think Malta is another way of life than in Germany. I would like to bring the relaxing feeling with me to Germany, and my english is much better than before.

I think the time in Malta was too short to say I would like to live in Malta.

I have seen many different types of houses for example Farmhouses, Villas, or Houses of Character and flats like apartments, penthouses, maisonettes and so on. It impressed me very much because here in Malta, there are no central heating and insulation and all the flats are fully furnished. In Germany it is completely different however the rent must pay per square metre.

In Malta you pay for the location and the equippment. I think these are the important points for the apartment and house hunting. The sale and rent prices are lower than in Germany. I think the reason is that people in Malta have not so much income.

I like the working atmosphere here in Malta so much because it is very familiar in contrast to my company in Germany. In my company all colleagues are very strained. The working is absolutely different.

I am not a great writer and I can’t reveal all my feelings. I will be back in the future, maybe for holidays or more.

It was a very nice time! Thank you for all !!!

Christoph Krueger ( German Trainee from 28/04/2010 till 20/05/2010 )