Property Home-staging

Sapphire Real Estate Malta has many years experience in buying and selling property. There is a great deal of property for sale in Malta and getting yours to stand out with buyers is no easy task.

We understand that your home is unique and often finished just the way you want it. As a result it can be very hard to let go. Selling your home often results in a rollercoaster of emotions, so don’t look backwards; look only to the future.

Many people believe that selling their home is going to be an easy task. They believe that the process simply involves putting a ‘for sale’ sign out front and showing people around the home. Given the amount of property for sale in Malta, this approach will not yield any results.

But don’t worry! A careful review of our top Malta property selling tips will soon set you on the right track. We also recommend developing your diplomatic skills as these will often be needed. However, our real estate agents are also highly skilled and trained to help you through this process.

Sapphire Real Estate Malta – Ten Top Tips For Selling Your Home

1. Choose a reliable, honest agent that you trust to perform an accurate market value analysis and estimation. Professional House Energy Cleansing is the first priority.

2. Upgrade your entry way. First impressions count!

3. Remove all unwanted items that clutter your home.

4. Make minor repairs, decorate and paint if needed. Arrange your outside gardens or terraces if you have any.

5. Make sure your house is sparkling clean when the viewers come. Buy a few indoor plants to add some colour to the house.

6. Open the curtains or blinds to allow the natural light and fresh air.

7. Some people do not like animals and some even suffer from allergies, so be sure that any pets are kept outdoors until viewing is over (it’s only for a very short while).

8. If you have children, try to gather them in one room and keep them busy.

9. Try to make a pot of coffee (the aroma makes people feel homely).

10. When the buyers walk into your house, you should welcome them. However, you should then leave them alone with your real estate agent. Buyers don’t like it to be escorted around a property by the owner as it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Contact Sapphire Real Estate Services Malta and we will be happy to give you free advice, consultation and a valuation should you wish to sell your home with us.