Director & Founder Message


Sapphire Real Estate Group of Companies was established in 2003 in Qawra, Malta (North) by Dame Jane Chircop, O.S.J, a businesswoman with quiet determination and a local veteran in the real estate industry. During more than 20 years experience in real estate, Jane’s deep knowledge of the real estate market in Malta and Gozo has proven to be of the highest value for clients to receive streetwise customer advice with a network of 2 strategically positioned offices, one in Rabat, Malta and one internationalised in the Middle East, Muscat, Oman which generate an atmosphere of trustworthiness and unique ways of doing business.

Focused on the client’s needs with a personal approach and care she has managed and developed the Sapphire business to much more than just a real estate agency. The slogan large enough to serve…small enough to care explains the determination of the Agency and their employees to provide the best personalized service possible. Therefore the Sapphire Real Estate Services leads by example. The name Sapphire, also Jane’s birthstone, was chosen as the name of the business, because it represents starting a new cycle in life, it is unique and encourages positive development.

Sapphire Agency cares and prides itself on its Maltese & Gozitan Heritage too! The projects concepts Only Made in Malta and Only Made in Gozo are our social corporate responsibility. These are creative and innovative projects and we entrusted and determined to save and preserve our UniqueTraditional Maltese Heritage and Historical Private Estates rich in architecture in our Towns and villages and providing affordable homes or good investment range including properties for guesthouses or B&B boutique hotels to buy with a sound return in investment called Residential Destination Tourism VIP Tours!

As concentuous Estate Agents, we strongly believe in our motto Large enough to serve… Small enough to care… to BUY, RENT, SELL, RESIDENCY DESTINATION TOURISM, CONSULT, RELOCATE any residential or commercial property in Malta and Gozo. Sapphire is determined to offer the best and most personalized Real Estate Services in all our offices and the internationally office based in Muscat Oman serving all GCC Countries and Far East too.

Experience the best in real estate in Malta with Sapphire Real Estate Services team!


Why is Sapphire Real Estate unique ? If we find the client a property for rent it’s not just about property, we find a property where the client enjoys the stay and the landlord gets the tenant whom s/he likes. We do not only match properties, we match people. On the other side, if we assist in buying or selling a property, we assure that the buyer is happy in their new home and the sellers may even preserve or restore their heritage. Sapphire is about bringing joy at street level to the people and preserves the heritage of Malta and Gozo!!! Our customers receive detail and guidance from the legalistic to the financial as well as the human aspects assuring them professionalism.


Dame Jane Chircop O.S.J
Director & Founder


We aim to be the best Local Real Estate Agents in Malta, offering the best service to our customers. We will deliver superior customer care and service quality in Malta and Gozo that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We will ensure that trust, respect and integrity permeate all our day to day dealings with continuous improvements.

Our team of real estate agents are open, honest, responsible, knowledgeable and committed to provide a high level of service throughout the process and will work with you step by step. Each member of the team’s responsibility is to contribute to the Agency’s success, creating a homely safe and rewarding work environment.

Promoting Private Heritage and Historical properties, High end developments / Projects / Investments with responsibility and supporting them.

We offer an excellent after sales service by helping you to make the biggest transaction of your life the smoothest move with our one stop shop. At Sapphire Real Estate Malta we deliver on other companies’ promises.

We are determined to bring people together and offer valuable benefits by promoting quality apartments, maisonettes, Malta villas and traditional Maltese properties. Entrusted with heritage and historical private estates. Our corporate social responsibility is to unlock Malta and Gozo unique properties, to rescue these houses and bring them back to the future. To top it all, our multilingual website daily with live data.

We are the key to success for our customers so that they may own their own piece of Malta or Gozo, helping them to live the Mediterranean dream.

‘We are inviting all Global Citizens to join us to experience our services and to invest in Malta & Gozo to be part of our History and to be the proud owner by owning a property in the Mediterranean and experience the Mediterranean lifestyle dream.’

Vivienne Chircop
Chief Executive Officer