Testimony by Ms Cathleen Stoll

I enjoy my time here in Malta very much and especially in your company. I like to have a familiar atmosphere at work and all colleagues are very friendly and ready to help me if I have a question or any other problem. I also like the conversations in our lunch time and during the whole day, because I learn so much typical manners of Malta – the island, the culture, and also the people who live here. There are many things I was interested in and whilst talking about it, I couold learn a lot. I also love the possibility to try some sort of typical Maltese food. But the main thing for me was to have a look in a completely different company and the structure of the real estate market here in Malta. Ilike to see many beautiful big houses with their own character and wonderful vierws over the landscape or the ocean, and everything was furnished. That was so fascinating. Ilearned about the prices here in Malta and how to negotiate and to deal with different clients and all the things about letting or selling properties because i called many owners and spoke to them about their properties. Besides I could improve my English, so that I feel more confident to speak English also to unknown persons.

I want to say a very very big thank you to everyone in the company. I hope I can come back to Malta one time and then I will visit you.


Cathleen Stoll ( German Trainee)