Why Malta & Gozo?


  1. Strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean, the center point of North Africa ( flight distances approximately 45 minutes and by sea approximately 2 days) and Europe ( flight distances approximately 40 minutes and by sea approximately 3 hours).
  2. Politically and economically stable. Economic Growth high GDP approximately 7% with a credit rating of A PLUS from Standards and Poor.
  3. Foreign double taxation agreement with most Western countries. Fifty-eight treaties visa-free.
  4. No municipality tax.
  5. An attractive broad range of financial IGaming and banking facilities.
  6. High standard of health care.
  7. Safe low crime. ‘Second safest country in the world according to report issued in 2014.’
  8. Short distances ideal business location logistics.
  9. An educated workforce.
  10. Mediterranean lifestyle, 300 days of sun, health-wise benefiting from vitamin D with excellent social life for all age groups, living it up outdoors.
  11. English speaking with 48 language schools.
  12. Member of the European Union since 2004. Part of Schengen area since 2007.
  13. A commonwealth member state.
  14. Straight forward and safe property purchase procedure.
  15. Malta & Gozo have a solid professional approach to deal with inquiries from overseas and stimulating consideration of Malta and Gozo as a welcome place for residency, expanding or relocating business with friendly measures.