Selling your property?


The agent makes all the difference when coming to selling your property.

So why choose Sapphire Real Estate ?

Sellers mostly think that not using an agent and sell directly to a buyer
will save them money.

Selling your home is probably one of the most important steps and decisions which you will take in your life and it is crucial to examine all your options to ensure that you don’t make the wrong choice which you will regret for a long time.

The Sellers sometimes think that selling your property means advertising it
and taking and showing the prospective buyers your property or putting your private telephone number on the front door, which is risky as strangers can end up in your house for a different agenda.


Our daily activities

Our agents on daily basis take out a substantial number of customers to go onsite to view the properties, listing numerous properties that are processed and marketed throughout our network of offices, locally and internationally. These efforts not always result in successful sales, but still, these activities still have to be paid for and they amount to thousands of Euros every month and most of the people have the impression that the amount of services given by the Company is profit.

Almost 50% commission received by the Company goes to hard working employees and agents who are constantly on the go, investing their energy to list properties and offer their customers these properties.

Our team earn a substantial part of the money which is well deserved. Part of this amount of the remaining 50% goes to marketing, advertising, calls and other communications including the I.T. systems through the offices, fuel allowance in all offices.

Our Estate service fee is paid by the Seller/s and not by the Buyer/s and it is not true that we put up property prices. We only get paid our service fee if we sell the property perse’.