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Corfu is one of the most important and beautiful islands in Greece. Perhaps the greenest island with dense vegetation unmatched in natural beauty with dozens of sightseeing beautiful beaches. It is very rich in its history since the Paleolithic era and later by the Phoenicians mentioned in the Odyssey with its renovated Airport.

Area : 610,9 km2

Climate: Mediterranean

Population : 97,000

Currency: Euro



Plot measuring approximately 2100sq mtrs situated in the mountain top enjoying breathtaking open country views in the tranquil Village of Spartillas. Ideal to build a semi-detached villa or a small guesthouse. 

Price : € 200,000 Freehold







Living in Spain is a dream to many. Cobbled stoned walkways, Flamenco music, thousand-year-old churches, Mediterranean Sunset/Castles. Located in the extreme southwestern part of Europe, it shares its small neighbor Portugal.

Year 2018 statistics show that the economy grew constant at the rate of 3% in the last three years, second as Eurozone average.

Area : 505,990 km2

Climate: Mediterranean

Population : 46,000,000

Currency: Euro



A B & B hostel situated in the Camino De Santiago De Campostilla pilgrimage trail. Needs some slight refurbishment to operate. A truly sound investment! 

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Price : € 100,000 Freehold












OMAN (Middle East)

Oman is an authentic oasis where culture suggestions and adventure survive homologation.

A small state of the Arabian Peninsula, located in the driest areas of our planet, it hides like a treasure chest, unique jewels wrapped in the intense scent of incense the sea and enriched by the sweet taste of dates matured in the sun. From the sandy dunes to green oasis, from the white coasts to the cliffs over the sea.

   Oman is the guardian of wild beauty, still authentic and uncontaminated, that leaves deep signs in those lucky enough to visit it. Sultanate of the Middle East, Oman has been living in a new renaissance since the ’70s, yet respecting local traditions and culture.

        If you love unusual destinations, adventure and discovery, this country offers an endless number of opportunities for growth and enchantment that will seduce you. Here you will not find the alienating westernized and artificial modernity, typical of its neighboring cities, instead you will enjoy the taste of the classical Arabic culture from architecture to food, from craftsmanship to music.

Among the first destinations to visit, there is certainly the capital Muscat, a city that enchants thanks to its authenticity and purity, with its traditional architecture and uncontaminated sea atmosphere. In this area of the country, the bronze coloured mountains meet the intense blue of the sea, overlooking the port of Muttrah, once a crossroad for exchange of spices, gold, coffee and precious metals. Opposite the port is the unmissable souq of the same name, an ancient market that enchants with its exotic charm and its winding corridors.

Oman is also luxury tourism, and if you love the sea and relaxation the southern region of the country where the capital Salalah is located, will be able to host you on deserted beaches fringed by lush vegetation in tourist centers that nothing have to envy more traditional travel destinations.

At landscape and naturalistic level, among the pearls of Oman, there is the wadi (one of the most famous is the Wadi Ghul) nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Arabia for the greatness and beauty of its vertical rock walls. Some walls are home to the most famous oases of Wadi Shab and that of Wadi Bani Khalid. Losing yourself in the country among luxuriant palm groves producing the most delicious dates, it is a must to plan a trip on the sand dunes. Wahbi sands are one of the most visited destinations where gentle and sinuous sandy hills stretch as far as eyes can see.

Area : 309,500 km2

Climate: Hot to seasonal tropical climate

Population : Approximately 5,000,000

Currency: Omani Rial



                                  THE 21ST CENTURY LIFESTYLE OF OMAN 


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