#First Time Buyers Club

We at Sapphire Real Estate Group understand that first time buying a property, ideal local or internationally, we deeply understand that one can feel confused with the whole home buying journey.

We have therefore created an innovative set up namely #sapphiresocialhomeownershiplocalclub for the first time, one in Malta and one for Gozo.

From our vast experience we get you ready and geared for home ownership which we feel is a very important move in a person’s life and that a bad decision on your first time purchase could last a lifetime.

Be a member and subscribe with us. We will guide you through the whole process with a team of professionals, experts and service providers.

The advice given by all the team is a reason to join and benefit from the guidance and will benefit you from obtaining your #1stsapphireclub V.I.P. Card.

Our service fee is paid by the Seller/s as we sign contract with him/her/them and we only get paid if the property is sold by us.

Our business is built on trust between the agent and the seller/s and between the agent and the prospective buyer.

A one-year membership starts every beginning of each calendar year.

The members would benefit from these educational meetings of twelve seminars, one in each month.

The program will include :

1. Personal Services

2. Bank pre approved loan options

3. Personal social aspects

4. A long-term family savings plan

5. Lectures by Notary regarding the whole procedure

6. Architect

7. One can benefit from our VIP Cards with so many benefits, so much convenience and watch your money grow with our discounts!

8. After sale service plan with no obligations

Terms & Conditions Apply

Joining the club is the knowledge for you and the key to your success to your home!

For Malta Club please call (00 356 21 57 74 74)


 For Gozo Club please call (00 356 27 57 74 74)

or finds us on facebook :

www.facebook.com/sapphirerealestateservices – Malta

www.facebook.com/sapphirerealestategozo – Gozo